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Fu-Kwun Hwang

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RLC circuit

This java applet will show you physics properties of an R-L-C circuit driven by a harmonic voltage sourceˇC
You will find a popup window (image ) when you click  .

A new window will popup when you click the start button) 1. The peak value of AC source is fixed at 10.0 VˇA and the resistor is 1.0 kŁ[.
2. Parameters you can change: The period of the AC source (enter into the textField) Its unit can be ˇG s , ms (10- 3 s), us(10- 6 s), ns(10- 9 s)
2. You can change the inductance G Click the mouse within the inductance regin (blue coils) Click left button to decrease its value. Click right button to increase its value. The increasement is determined by delta* choicebox
3. You can change the capacitance with the same method.
4. Press Start for animation

5. White small circle simulate the AC current, its velocity is propotional to current I.
6. If the mouse button is within the curve (time-voltage) region, The coordinate of the mouse will be translated and displayed. Click near (time, voltage)=(0.s, 10.0v) and drag the mouse up and down to change y scaling factor.
7. Press mouse button to suspend the animation. If you click the left mouse button, animation resume when you release the mouse button. If you click the right mouse button, you need to click it again.
8. Press Reset button to reset parameters.
9. Press Quit or Close the window to Quit.
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